Friday 30 August 2019

Wasserbüffel Treffen 1993

A long weekend. Luckily it was the weekend at the end of the May half-term school holiday and so I was able to load up the bike and set off in good time to get across to Moosham.

The route via the Mikulov/Drasenhofen border crossing and around Vienna and then west past the Red Bull Ring, although then it was called Zeltweg, would be about 250 miles. 

Czech fuel was cheaper and I topped up before the border. With a range of only 130 miles to a tank fuel management is important.

On arrival at Schloss Moosham I had nowhere to stay. I met up with Thomas Wahle who I had "known" for a few years exchanging letters about Kettles. 

I had never met him before.  I was going to look at nearby Mauterndorf for a room or even a bed. Thomas and the Stuttgart area Büffel Herde had a large room and parking in the barn across the road. They also had a spare bed. As I was a poor "Czech" they wouldn't let me pay.

The weekend was a great success. A couple of the Austrian members got married. We had several rides out. My Kettle was the centre of attention due to the tow bar. 

The ride back was by a different route that took me across country to the north of the outward route.. 

The bike? Ran perfectly. 

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