Thursday 6 August 2020

Off to Kettle Dr Phil

With the trailer safely manhandled onto the drive last night and reconnected to the car we were ready to load.

With a marked lack of air in the tyres moving it around wasn't good. Or easy.

The Taiwanese Cheng-Shin tyres are pretty rock hard. They will be replaced with Bridgestone BT45's later in the rebuild.

It took three of us to get it into the wheel clamp. Neill and I then tied it down with his tie-downs. Thanks to Claire for the extra push. ūüėĀ

We set off about 0930. TomTom saying time of arrival was 1329. 

Once I was used to towing and relaxed I was able to drive safely!

On the M20 and M26 traffic wasn't too bad. We were able to cruise at 60 mph okay and keep in the flow of traffic.

Moving the time went out a bit to 1344 arrival. I suspect that this is because initially it calculates on legal limit speeds and we were some 10mph down.

The M25 was quite congested but we were soon on the M40 and ready for a break. We stopped for a coffee and pee break at Cherwell Valley Services. Masks on for us but not everyone complies.

When we came out the arrival time was out to 1445. As we got caught on the M6 on the shitty overground section we lost even more time.

Eventually arriving in Telford at 1530. I messaged Dr Phil and a few minutes later a lad tapped on the window and ked us to the Surgery.

Of course it's a cul-de-sac and I muffed up reversing. Much to the lad, the Dr's son's amusement. In the end he acted as instructor!

Dr Phil arrived and we pushed the Kettle into his workshop. Air conditioning on full blast!

Over the next hour we went over what needs to be done and what we can maybe get by with. I handed over my box of parts and the spare barrel.

With me commited to a couple of grand spending on it we hitched up the trailer and reversed our steps.

Heavy and queuing traffic on the M54 onto the M6 and past the junction with the M5 added more time. Once back on the M40 we had another quick pee break and off.

The time went up after we restarted but gradually dropped until we arrived at 2104.

More faffing with the trailer that goes back tomorrow.

A salad for dinner and then Neill togged up and rode home.

When it's all done we can repeat the operation.  I just hope Neill will be free again!!

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